Filing for Bankruptcy in Gainesville?

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Bankruptcy is one of the areas of law that is commonly misunderstood. The vast majority of cases are filed by regular folks who just need a break from overwhelming debt. The purpose of bankruptcy law is to allow a people to get a new financial start free from debts they cannot repay. At Ruff & Cohen, P.A., our Gainesville bankruptcy lawyers are highly experienced in the field and can help you understand all areas of bankruptcy, so that you can make an informed decision. We have offices in both Gainesville and Jacksonville to serve you.

Understanding the Types of Bankruptcy

If you are uncertain whether or not you should file for bankruptcy, and you want help separating truth from rumors, we can help. Schedule a free consultation. We will explain how Bankruptcy law would apply to your own situation and help you understand which kind of bankruptcy makes the most sense for you. Most people file Chapter 7 to get rid of debt, but bankruptcy can be used to restructure and reorganize your business with Chapter 11, or reorganize your personal finances with Chapter 13. No matter the source of your financial difficulty, you should meet with us to see how we can help you. We will meet with you at no charge. It all starts with a phone call. Be brave! Call us.

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

If you are still not certain whether you want to file, or what kind of bankruptcy would be best for you, scheduling an initial consultation is the next step. It’s free! With more than 60 years of combined experience, our Gainesville bankruptcy attorneys and Jacksonville bankruptcy attorneys can meet with you to discuss your financial issues and provide you with knowledgeable advice. We have office in Gainesville and Jacksonville, for your convenience. Our goal is to improve your financial situation to the full extent permitted by the bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy is a wonderful law that has already helped literally millions of Americans improve their finances. Find out what it can do for you! You have nothing to lose since the consultation is free.

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