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Life After Bankruptcy

Picture this scene:

You wake up one morning… and that dark cloud of hopeless debt has cleared. The credit card debts have been forgiven. Your huge bill from the hospital has vanished. The credit card lawsuit against you has stopped in its tracks. The garnishment of your paycheck has been lifted. The phone rings but you don't tense up; you know collection agents aren't calling anymore. You may still have a mortgage payment, maybe a car payment, and you still have to pay those student loans, but you think you can live with that. Things are manageable again. And you owe it all to Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Could this vision of life after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy apply to you? It all depends on the facts of your situation right now. Maybe a Chapter 13 is more appropriate, or even a Chapter 11. You may have heard rumors from friends or co-workers about how the different chapters of bankruptcy work, but you owe it to yourself to get the real story from a real lawyer. It won't cost you anything for the consultation.

Why should you call us? There are many lawyers who advertise they can handle your case. Some are new at bankruptcy law and some have experience. This is what we can tell you about our firm. First, you would deal directly with a lawyer, not an assistant. Our lawyers are Eric S. Ruff and Lisa C. Cohen. Both graduated with honors from the University of Florida law school in Gainesville, Florida. Each of our attorneys has filed over 2,900 bankruptcy cases. That's a lot of cases, but then we've been doing this for quite a while. Each of our attorneys has been representing clients in bankruptcy cases for over 25 years. We take pride in our work. If we represent you, we will focus on your case with experience and care.

We offer you a personal consultation at no charge. If you decide to hire us, we offer payment plans. If you are interested, call and request an appointment.

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